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chiropractic care

Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

We are pleased to offer a plethera of Neuromuscular related therapies like Chiropractic, Physiotherapy (including soft tissue/muscle therapy), and Exercise Programs.

girl 20stretchingPhysical Therapy

Diet, Nutrition and Weight Loss

woman 20with 20tape 20measure 20around 20stomachRunning 20man 20and 20woman
Looking to shed a few pounds or just get your diet back on track? We also can tailor dietary and supplement programs through nutritional and weight loss consultation.

Need to lose 30 lbs and then some?

Dr. Meyer himself has lost 70 lbs. using his low carb/good carb weight loss program. He has also helped many others...and seeing is believing! Click on the picture links below to see some AMAZING transitions!

Dr. Meyer Before Pictures Dr. Meyer After Pictures

DW Before Pictures DW After Pictures

Other Services

We also attend to patients of all ages and with all conditions from infants and children to great grandparents and all in between.

Patients happy 20children 20in 20a 20circle 20on 20backs jpg 0often consult our office for a variety of conditions (even during pregnancy!), but all seem to have the common goal of getting better! In our office, we utilize mulitple wellness services to help our patients feel better and attain optimal health and vitality.

Please feel free click on one of the services listed below to learn more!



Exercise Programs

Nutritional and Dietary Consultation

Lifestyle Management


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